Sunday, February 8, 2009

Today in Relief Society we talked about family history. Its sneaky presentation distracted me from zoning out and when my teacher explained that blogging is part of "what we can do now with family history" I was engaged and committed to blog a bit today eventhough the ups and downs of my week seem rather ordinary. But I have to remember that you are not living everyday of my life and it was actually a wonderful eventful week.
Monday I sacrificed my tredmill date to meet with Drew Williams, a supervisor over my new grant proposal internship I am starting. His office is in the advancement bldg at the top of campus, so while I was in the neighborhood I stopped to see Bill Bridges since his office is now up there too. He reminded me how much he loves and adores me and my family and as usual I left feeling warm and fuzzy from the shower of compliments that usually accompanies visits with him. I hurried down to class because we had a guest teacher, Tito who is here setting Alwin Nikolais' "Crystal and the Sphere" on the Ririe Woodbury company in SLC. His class spent 45 minutes on the floor doing Nikolais based technique which was a combination of coordination, strength and flexibility building. Tito demonstrated with my friend Shauni how to grab the foot with the opposite hand stretching the leg behind the head and pulling the shoulder and chest through the window between leg and arm. Needless to say I felt strange sensations in odd places throughout my body for the remainder of the day, but unlike any of my friends woke up feeling light in my joints and relatively ironed out in my body.
Tuesday my afternoon rehearsal was cancelled so I called up my friend Kendra and went in for a happy haircut and new do. I tossed my cares and curls away and the vivacious emerged. I left prepared to take on my life in a much more styish way.
Thursday I ran into my old institute teacher Brother Bartholomew who I haven't seen for over a year since he took a full-time position at BYU and left UVU. I was in his class for most of my college experience and consequently feel very grateful and connected to him for what I learned from him. We chatted about what's going on in my life including the current dating scene. He paused and asked me more about that. I made the comment that I am looking for someone who can run along side me through my life because if he can't keep up then it won't work. Brother B looked at me and stated "you don't get it." In my mind (of course I don't get it, if I did I would have it figured out by now) After he shook his head, he kindly painted an image for me that changed my perspective on what the marriage relationship is all about. He held up his hands and measured about 12 inches in the air before he said "this is how much you can do, you and God together" then he widened his hands quite a bit and stated "this is how much you can do with a husband and God". He continued "I could not have done half of the things I did without my wife, marriage is not inhibiting, it's empowering." I had never thought about marriage like that. I was under the impression that if a low maintenance male someone wants to hop on board with me and go where I want to go and put up with my family, then it could work, but I am not dragging anyone through life and certainly not waiting for anyone to figure it out and sweep me off my feet. However what I figured out about marriage that day was so different. I finally caught a glimpse of the truth of this teacher's statement and the magnitude of the plan Heavenly Father has laid out for us. I imagined my future marriage as a fluid give and take relationship with someone just as excited about my life goals as I am about his and I was overwhelmed that anything could be that sweet. I guess I never thought it possible to find someone that I could share all my deep desires and life goals with and have him absolutely love me for it and be my number one cheerleader. What I learned that day is that it is possible and I will have it at the perfect time. I felt a huge wall around my heart had just melted away.
Thursday night I hing out with my cousin Beth Ann Wells. She treated me to Cafe Rio and the movie of "Le Corsaire" (a pirate flavored ballet)afterwhich we went to BYU to see BYU's Theatre Ballet perform with the Royal Ballet School of London, which was fabulous! I bumped in Dave and Natalie Fullmer at intermission and I was able to tell them that Hilary was bautiful in the opening number of the "Sleeping Beauty" variations. And the Royal Ballet School was of course fabulous! Their performance of the Don Quixote pas de deux was exhilarating, the most exciting I have seen yet!
Friday I went to my friend Anita's reception and realized an urgency to do something about my awkwardness on the social dance floor. I can pirouette and split my legs, but when it comes to schmoosing on the dance floor with a guy, I could not be more stiff,uncoordinated, and ungamely. Sheesh! I came home and watched "How to Lose a Guy in 10 days" and wished my sisters were there to laugh with me.
Saturday I went to my friend Jessy's shower and chatted with my dear friend Amber. When I got home Biddy Thomas came over to visit and it was so good to see her. We chatted about the reality of "what to do after graduation" and some of the wonderful implications that come with that upcoming phase for me. It was great to get her thoughts about finances vs. experience. I hurried to rehearsal with Maeva and then on to work at Halls before I picked up my friend's mac hard drive to transfer my China footage from the Halls to school. I am finally getting a move on this project, hooray!
Work was great, I love my job! I can't believe I get paid for playing mom. When I came home I watched "Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde" with Spencer Tracy, the old black and white film... super good acting and super creepy. But still applicable to today.
Today was a fun day at church with all my favorite people oohing and awing over my hair. One boy in my ward that hasn't really spoken to me in a while came up to me after sacrament mtg and harrassed me for chatting with my friend and not already being at Sunday school then proceded to come with me to sunday school which breaks his record of about a year of absent attendance at sunday school. Hmm,saving souls one haircut at a time. :)