Sunday, March 7, 2010


Below is a letter I just emailed out to friends and family. A brief update on what I am currently flaring about...

Hello dear family and friends,
This update is highly overdue and I have been thinking about each of you lately and remembering how much I love and appreciate you in my life, so thank you! And here is a brief update (we'll see how brief, I am very much a woman... once I get going, I just want to share it all)
The latest news is that I applied to 3 graduate schools this year: Ohio State(Dance), Indiana University(Arts Administration), and Southern Utah University (Arts Administration). I heard back from Ohio State, they said no... my top choice, so a bit disappointing. However a week before I got my letter I felt like it was going to be a no and that the timing just doesn't work right now. I loved the audition experience and feel like that department would be a great fit for me when the time is right.
I am still waiting to hear back from Indiana and SUU, so I will keep you posted. I love where I am at right now with my job, so I am okay whichever way it goes with graduate school for this fall.
Now, to describe where I am currently at... the best corporate company in the history of this universe, One on One Marketing. It is the and I love it! I am the executive administrative assistant working directly with the owner and HR director, so the tasks on my plate range from handling insurance, scheduling interviews, and arranging conference accomodations to event planning, birthday card making, and taking my boss' truck to the fancy schmancy car wash. I am currently planning our "March Madness" event. We have a basketball court in our building (a mini one) and a ping-pong table in our breakroom, so every year we do a Ping-Pong and PIG tournament with all employees complete with brackets and all. Then, on the first friday of March Madness we rent out the whole first floor of Noah's event building and play raquetball, wallyball, basketball, ping-pong and billiards all afternoon with fabulous food and oodles of snacks. I have never experienced this, but I am planning a fantastic afternoon. I have fallen in love with event planning through this job and feel grateful to contribute my feminine touch to each event such as making sure all the balloons, tablecloths, and decorations coordinate with the theme whether it be 'Fiesta', 'PI', Halloween, or March Madness. So fun. I really hit the jack pot on this job.
So I love my job! Our staff meetings are called "Powerstands" and I actually performed my graduate school dance solo at our meeting right before I flew out to Ohio. Scared out of my pants. My audition performance felt like a breeze compared to performing for the One on Oners, but so glad I did it. I shared a little bit about my piece and related a principle of movement to business. Its very interesting for me to find the connections between the dance world and the corporate world, and the fun challenge for me was presenting the connection that I found between movement and business in such a way that made sense to my corporate audience. It was so fun, I love being a dancer! :)
We also had an employee do his version of Chris Farley's "Matt Foley, motivational speaker". Hilarious!! Anyway, it's the best place for me right now! I am refining administrative and random skills that will serve me for the rest of my life!
Besides working full time at One on One in American Fork, I am teaching ballet classes at a dance studio on Tuesdays, Wednesdays, and Saturdays. I learning ALOT!! Holy Cow, lots about teaching, lots about my philosophy on teaching/dance (which is very different from the philosophy of this competition jazz dance studio) and so forth. It is challenging, rewarding, and taxing, but invaluable experience.
I am still loving my BYU 56th ward, the same ward I was in during my college years. Uncle Alan is my bishop-in cas you didnt know- and it is an absolute treat being under his and Aunt Karen's direction and leadership. Everytime Aunt Karen opens her mouth, my mind explodes and my heart just melts, she is so wise and beautiful! I love when they come to my sunday school class, intimidating sometimes, but so great to hear their insights and experience. I am still serving as the Visiting teaching coordinator, and sunday school teacher and I love it!
So between all of that I just sit at home and dream up my wedding plans and wait for my knight in shining armor to ride up and take me with him. Mom says I am MIA, what is she talking about?
Anyway, the only thing I would add to my life right would be a bit more dancing. Sitting all day just doesn't cut it forever, so I am working on that. A group of local dancers that I danced with at UVU started a group "Body Logic Dance" and we get together a few times a week and put together choreography and teach classes. We are planning a concert for the end of May or beginning of June... inbetween Christina's wedding of course. But I miss dancing everyday, and so does my body.

So there is a brief update. If you made it to this point, thank you. and congratulations, I love you!!!

All my love!