Sunday, July 10, 2011

Ezra's blessing and the start of Togetherness!

Sunday was Ezra Carlton Clark's blessing and kind of the kick off event for our family togetherness for the 4th of July. Rose and I drove down from the cabin to make a 9 am sacrament tired. Up til 2 am 2 nights in a row is not my typical schedule.

We walked in and sat down during the opening hymn and it was probably the most distracting/distracted hour...we were all so excited to be together that we are waving and making faces at each other through the whole meeting. Whoops. So happy to see everyone, couldn't help it.

Afterwards we met for pictures, then lunch at the Clarks.

Which way is the camera? Who knows, they are all looking in different directions.

Regardless...darling family, congratulations on #4 Jules and Carl!

Happy Mommy! Very proud aunties! He loves us!
BABIES!! All of...well most of the babies born in the last year. It was the year of the boys.

Our Curty. Love him.A noogie, really?

The Fab Five.

Crazy Cabining

Rose and bunch of her friends, and friends of the friends, all went up to a cabin for the weekend and I went with her. It was a pretty hilarious weekend. After dinner on Friday, we played telephone pictionary. This one below won. hands down. The evolution...

Oh No! I have been buried alive...

Death on Turtle Mountain...

Pirates use turtles to climb the mountain...

I lost my eye while riding my pet turtle to top of Everest!

And this is was our weekend entertainment...BH!

We played Mumble Murder, a type of telephone charade game that is out of this world. To play, the group sends 3 people out of the room and picks a



method of death

then players act out each one and invite others to act out what they acted out and it just gets funnier as it is passed on.

The best one's though were Rachel's suggested place...

Sleeping Beauty's EYE... that's right, her eye.
And BH's suggested person...


What? Hysterical.

So of course he was the one to act it out...he totally had this up his sleeve, rehearsed and all.

HA! Many weepy faces during his performance, we laughed so hard!

Here he is giving a demo of how to do the Velocoraptor snort...oh my.

Saturday morning we went on a hike behind the cabin. SO beautiful...and straight uphill. burning calves.

This is Andy Fitzell, one of the coolest guys there. His dad? Totally on West Side Story and a Broadway hit! What? Rose and I about died.

His dad was totally the model for Cinderella's prince, and that is what Andy looks like as well.

We each did our best GQ on the mountain.

Totally Gorge.
"...The hills are alive..."

All the ladies

Tai Chi on the mountain...what?
"I'm Assistant Buyer!..."

That night after our hike, we went in to Park City and rode the Alpine Slide.

No bar on the ski lift, I could have died...except being on the lift with 4 guys was not too shabby.

A little nervous, but excited to finally check this off my list...I have been wanting to ride the Alpine Slide for a while.

My friend Blake in my ward randomly showed up with his roommate on Saturday...a fun surprise!
Nothing was better than hanging out with my Rose.

Our group at dinner.

BBQ Pork and Steak for dinner at Bandit's...and entertainment with our straws while we waited!

Fun. Fun weekend.

Camille Neilsen is FINALLY expecting a baby!

My friend Camille, who I danced with at UVU, is finally expecting baby #1, baby boy Canon. She has been wanting a baby for years and has tried everything under the sun. So happy for her!

Entrepreneur of the Year and Bonnie's 29th!

Our boss was a finalist at Ernst and Young's Entrepreneuer of the Year 2011 and the awards ceremony is a black tie gala at the Salt Palace, aka a fantastic fancy event...needless to say, all of us girls going could talk of nothing else for that whole week...

What are you going to wear? What does your dress look like? How are you going to wear your hair?...You know, the typical girl talk around events like these. So fun!

Thank goodness for the multiple bathrooms at work, we slipped out a bit early, went upstairs and started the primping fest!

Yes Bonnie is putting on fake eyelashes, no big deal...that's what we do.

So much fun.. And we are ready. Watch out we come!
Yes Bonnie is painting her toenails in the car on the way to the Salt Palace. She was wearing open toed shoes and her nails have got to look their best! :) "Just tell me when you start to put on the gas" she says.

Some of our team... Ow ow..
Super part about it...the dress got returned the following day. :)

More of our team and the table settings. They ddecorated with white calla lilies...super classy!

awww...we're so great.

The stage with 2 HUGE pots full of the white calla lilies on either

The ladies of the night

and we're HAPPY to be here!

I love how they got all the lilies to all bend perfectly towards center aisle.

...the party's's time to call it a night....except...Bonnie's birthday was the day after next and she was going to be out of town, so I secretly had Rose and her friend Mel decorate our condo to surprise Bonnie when we arrived home...SURPRISE, Happy Birthday Bonnie! 29 great ones!

29 Reasons I love Bonnie...#25: She has a personal relationship with every cooking and food show on this planet.
#29: She is the perfect blend of everything WONDERFUL in this world and the Best Roommate EVER!

We celebrated in style with Cherry Cheesecake (Bonnie's Favorite), Martinelli's, and of course a Princess Pin! :)

29, Wow! 2 Questions...

Best of last year:

1. Became myself again

2. I found the best roommate EVER! (aww...she had to say that:))

3. LOTS of Growth

Looking forward to this year:
1. Running first marathon (October in go girl, I will be cheering at the finish line!)
2. Growing up

3. Learning to trust

Happy Birthday my dear Bonnie! You really are the best thing that has happened to me this year! Love you SO much!
And of course, the biggest thanks to Rose and Mel for blowing up balloons and hanging streamers at 10 pm at are the best!

So happy to see my Rose...I get her for this whole week with the 4th of July and all the celebratory hoopla that comes with excited!

Friday morning we treated Bonnie to Kneaders French Toast...mmm.

Actually Swathi treated both of us for breakfast. We love carpooling with Swathi. We actually just love Swathi all together.