Monday, January 2, 2012

12 Course Tasting at Casa Nonnas in DC

One of the highlights in Washington DC was the 12 course tasting meal Bonnie and I had at Casa Nonna's. Bonnie's friend Jen is friends with Mark who is in the restaurant business in DC and hooked us up with this tasting as there was a cancellation. Perfect! We had no idea what we were getting ourselves in to. Wow. Ate things I never even knew were edible...come with me, I will show you. :)
We sat at the bar and watched the cook (lady in the blue apron) make everything in front of us. Just like we were on the front lines of "Chopped"...Bonnie's dream come true, she is a food network junkie.
First 4 courses (I was a little late, so had some catching up to do when I arrived)...
1. Tartar Di Tonno-Ahi Tuna Tartar, Red Beet, Crispy Beets (in the martini looking glass), basically raw tuna with lemon juice on it, the acid slightly cooks the fish. SO yummy.
2. Carpaccio "Testa"-Pig's Feet Carpaccio, Red Onion, Cornichon, Citrus (plate to right of tartar)
Not my favorite, but not bad
3. Polpo Alla Pignata-Baby Octopus in Terracotta, Potato Confit, Chile (far right)
Actually really good, I liked this one.
4. Midollo Al Forno-Roasted Bone Marrow, Parsley Salad (far left)
Not bad once I got over the idea of eating bone marrow (what?!), kind of a bland jelly spread on croutons, totally classy. The salad was really good.
Bonnie and me with our virgin drinks: Canteloupe Mint and Pomegranate Peach. Divine. The whole tasting was about the food, but also about the wine pairing, they brought out specific wines to go with each course and each with their own glass. Bonnie and I stuck with our sparkling water and finally after asking us all night, Adam our host asked about bringing us these fruity virgin drinks. For the first time, I really felt like the oddball not drinking the wine. Interesting.
5. Zuppa Alla Toscana-Cannellini Bean Soup, Rosemary Oil, Cracked Pepper (Not pictured)
6. Tagliolini Al Ricci Di Mare-Fine Egg Yok Pasta, Sea Urchin, Anchovy, served in the sea urchin shell (below). Good, needed a little salt for this one.
7. Casonsei-Crescent Shaped pasta of Spinach, Potato and Sausage...basically glorified ravioli. SUPER yummy, this was one of my favorites.
8. Risotto Della Chef-Risotto with Ubriacho Cheese. Really good, the cheese adds a strong flavor.
9. Merluzzo Al Forno-Wood Roasted Maine Cod, Roasted Cauliflower, Anchovy Sauce. REALLY yummy, this was also one of my favorites. The cauliflower, anchovy sauce was delish!
10. D'Anatra E Sedano Rapa-Cured Duck Breast, Crunchy tow of Celery (celery paste with potato chips. mmm.), Orange Duck Jus. My most favorite course. OH my, this was amazing. The duck was divine, so tender and flavorful combined with the potato chips and celery paste. Mmm.
11. Panna Cotta-Gorgonzola Dolce, Fig Vin Cotto, Fleur du Sel. A course of gorgonzola cheese...I smiled about this one. That's about as much gorgonzola cheese for one sitting as I can take. But very good.
12. Semifreddo Di Giandujia-Hazlenut Chocolate Semifreddo, Bacio Blanco Gelato. Um, this could have been A LOT bigger. Absolutely delish!
Mark, Jen, Adam (our host), Bonnie and Me after the meal. So Fun! A unique and memorable experience for sure!

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