Monday, January 2, 2012

New York City...Thursday

Thursday morning Bonnie and I hit the 6:30 am session. Hello and Good Morning! The temple is beautiful and absolute peace and quiet right when you walk in. It's amazing!
That's right! We're legit! you have no idea how happy I was to find this! This is one of the theaters that is part of the Juillard school. No big deal. Rose and I always knew we were meant for the theater! ;) Then I had to wait a few hours to text it to Rose because she was soaking up the sun on the west coast in Sunny San Diego. So fun to keep in touch via text pictures about our holiday trips on opposite coasts. I love technology!
Breakfast as La Bergamote, a french patisserie that was out of this world. So good! We'll start with some Hot Chocho...
Then we'll move on to eggs benedict with salmon and caviar...what? Who eats caviar for breakfast?
Then...Chinatown! With our very own escorts, Eric and Barbara. Naarah sat by Eric on the plane ride over and told her to call him if we go to Chinatown. Well, we took hom up on his offer and had a great time. After we walked through the fresh fish market and exchanged smiles with the lobsters and crabs...yeah, they smiled back...we stopped for some Dim Sum, Chinese tea time. Eric and Barbara ordered for us. People expect them to be fluent in Chinese, but they have been totally americanized and werent interested in Chinese when they were younger, so they get by, but just laugh about it.
and we tried chicken feet. Must be an acquired taste. Bonnie swallowed a toenail at one point...not the best.
Tradition is to do something creative with your tip. A fun tradition I think I will carry on... so fun!
After Dim Sum, we got some bubble tea and hot cakes! Bubble tea has little jelly balls in a fruity drink, mmm. And hot cakes are creme filled pastries, bite sized. Eric said they were determined to keep hot cakes $1, so with inflation they went from 20/$1 to 16/$1 to 8/$1...yummy.
I liked the bubble tea. Definitely asian sweet flavor. Not Naarah's favorite.
Rockefeller center. See that tiny skating rink? yeah, that's it! Ha ha. But so traditional. we ended up deciding that $40 for a half hour on the rink after 2 hours of waiting...not going to happen this trip. But we saw it and took a picture.
Bloomingdales...beautiful lights and fun perusing. The clothing is incredible...through the roof in both cost and style. :) So fun to walk through.
Dinner at Forty Carrots, ont he 7th floor of Bloomingdales. Fun little cafe. Naarah's quesadilla won and the carrot cake was pretty great!
and a little Mamma Mia to wrap up my New York trip...nothing like a litte ABBA to celebrate! We let the other cast perform that night, pretty sure! ;)
Love Broadway...I always knew I was a 'Dancing Queen'...
Good Bye New York...until next time.

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