Sunday, January 8, 2012

Happy New Year!

New Years Eve was a blast. The most random, fun, and slightly reckless night that I have had in a while and I spent it with some high school besties, Tish, Amber and Dave. Our friend Jenna was doing a comedy set up at Wiseguys in SLC that was sold out, but we went up anyway and attempted to sweet talk our way in. Dave eventually walked in while we were battling it out with the manager and we couldn't walk in then because he was guarding the door. So mad we didn't get in-I would have paid a double ticket, but whatever. We got to see Jenna before her set though and give her a hug and tell her we did our best.
So we ended up going to Whole Foods for dinner on Dave's recommendation, "you feel so hip when you're in there." Okay! SO yummy, they have a big fresh salad bar and another bar with pasta dishes and different salads-all organic too! So healthy and SO hip!
Tish and Amber got these fruity drinks and after drinking 1/3 of it, Tish asked if there was alcohol in it, that she could taste it...What?! We looked and the fine print on the label said, "may contain hints of alcohol and nuts"...yikes. Well, I guess we had our alcohol for New Years! eek. :)
After a yummy organic dinner, we went over to Temple Square to see the lights. I haven't seen them yet this year, and they are still as amazing as ever. We saw couples getting their New Years kisses in early all over the place. :)
Love these girls!
At one point Dave linked his arms in ours as we were walking and just soaked up being out with 3 hot chicks for the evening. So funny! Dave is a hoot!
So gorgeous! We stuck our head in to the tabernacle and heard Thurl Bailey, Marvin Goldstein, and 2 other singers for a minute. We walked in while Thurl was singing "Cat's in the Cradle" Love it. Marvin played a super fun medley of "Fiddler on the Roof" tunes and the girl sang "Rain on my Parade" which was SO great! I loved it, but my friends were done before we started. So we took off after a couple of songs and walked around.
We decided to go south and find a party in Provo, but first we stopped in Cottonwood Heights at my friend Graden and his friends' party. Totally different kind of fun going on, they were playing a game together. So we jumped in and played for a little bit. I ended up sitting next to this super fun guy Andrew and laughing my way through the game and practicing my flirt. ;) He texted me later and I was very happy about it.
But my friends were done, so we took off and Dave said "I think there's a party at NOAHs", so we ended up at NOAHs at the...Chilean Association of Utah party. HA HA!
Of course we stayed...most random thing, but SO fun. Counted down en espanol and ripped up the dance floor with the Chileans. So funny!
In other news...I had a date this week with a guy named Tyler. We had a great Thai dinner at Simply Thai and just chatted. Naali-the owner of Simply Thai does catering for my work, so she came and chatted with us and gave us complimentary dessert-coconut ice cream and a mango rice thing that was SO divine.
It was fun, very intimate restaurant, Naali went around and talked with everyone and was a gracious hostess.
The date was great, good conversation, fun to get to know him. As we were walking out he said he had something for me in his car and he pulled out these...
WHAT?! Flowers for a first date? Who does that anymore? I loved it. My room smells SO good, and today they looked like this. SO gorge!

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evieperkins said...

Wow, the boy sounds like a winner. My mom's first date showed up at her door with two roses: one for her and on for her mom. :)