Monday, January 2, 2012

New York City...Tuesday

Narrah, our good friend flew in Monday night to spend the week with me and Bonnie, so Tuesday morning, we headed out to Fifth Ave to see how the other half lives...
Of course Tiffany's was the first place we stopped.
It was all decorated inside and just beautiful. We looked around at all the sparkly it just me, or do the things at Tiffany's sparkle a lot more than at other places? I of course wandered over to the yellow diamond section and tried on a couple of engagement rings...$120k and $20K, which according to the sales lady was "a little more doable"...oh totally ;). yeah, right!
Bonnie got her souvenir, a lock and key silver necklace. Her first Tiffany's purchase, and probably not her last...;)
The window displays for Tiffany's were so fun, actually the window displays everywhere were great. So fun to be in NY during Christmas with all the decorations and holiday spirit.
I wore my red coat to not get lost and heaven knows I stuck out like a sore thumb amidst all the grey, blacks, and navy blues...particularly posing like this on the sidewalk. Hello NYC!
Bonnie and I met up Tania for lunch at Dos Caminos, a fantastic Mexican place. Butternut squash enchiladas with chicken, very good! So good to catch up with Tania and hear about her experience working and raising her family in NYC. Superwoman for sure!
She is so great!
After lunch with Tania, I met up with my friend Arly Crawford from my YW days. She is living in Manhattan with her husband Samuel. SO good to catch up with her. She is the same wonderful Arly!
Tuesday night was our girls night out on the town. New York City Ballet's The Nutcracker at the Lincoln Center. SO excited!!
Lincoln center at night. GOREGEOUS! It's a whole the most beautiful part of the city, close to the temple and Julliard school. Just so fun to be here and see it!
Inside the theater after the ballet, which was phenomenal, of course...cried multiple times. It was slightly different than the western versions, it being George Balanchine's version, which was WAY fun for me to see. I have studied about him, but seeing it on stage and recognizing his influence and style was so awesome!
and a fabulous Italian dinner at Tony's to wrap up the evening. Note: remember to make dinner reservations in NY, because even at 9 pm, there is an hour wait. Oh yeah, welcome to NY.
Best Caprese salad I've ever had. Ate it before I could take a picture of it. whoops.
Our entrees: pasta of the day with sausage and greens. And ravioli with LOTS of cheese. all six of our thumbs way way up.
Chocolate mousse for dessert. beautiful and delicious!
The aftermath...we basically licked our plate clean. SO good.
Yes. I heart NY.


evieperkins said...

You're trip sounds like an amazing amount of fun! I would have loved to see New York at Christmas.

Jules said...

You're crazy, you know that?! Love you! So glad you had a blast!!