Monday, January 2, 2012

New York City...Wednesday

Wednesday started off with Starbucks and Central Park. Perfect. So fun to walk around, see the statues and hear a group singing under the tunnel by the water fountain. They were singing some Josh Groban style holiday great!
On the white bridge with the gorgeous skyline in the back.
Wednesday afternoon was WICKED! SO excited. I think all of our first time. Phenomenal show!
Cried three times in the first act. Normal behavior, right?
After Wicked, we went to the 911 memorial, which was one of my favorite highlights from the whole trip! The memorial is stunning! I was blown away with the design and layout of the whole thing. And it still feels tenderhearted on that ground. That we are still rebuilding and recovering as Americans. Very special place.
The names of people killed as well as rescuers are etched around the borders of both fountains. People can find the names of their loved ones and some had flowers tucked in their name. Very sweet and tender being there.
Afterwards, Bonnie had surprised me and Naarah with lobster tails and cannolis from Little Italy. OH MY, heaven on earth. The lobster tails were amazing, holy cream!
Window display at Macy' far the best, most creative ones. So cool!
And NY style pizza. Gotta do this at some point, we are in Manhattan.
Naarah and I finished up our night at the Empire State Building. Loved the trees and window displays in the lobby. Thought of Sleepless in Seattle multiple times.
At the top looking out on the city lights!
SO windy at the top. Naarah was holding on to her hat the whole time and at one point, my lips were blowing in the wind.
The fun window displays in the lobby.

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