Monday, January 2, 2012

Phase 3 of East Coast: New York City!...Monday

Monday morning, bright and early at 5 am, Wendi dropped us off to catch our bus to NYC!
We both admitted that we could have packed a little lighter...;)
Egg mcmuffins and Hot Chocho and we were on our way to the Big Apple. I have not so much McDonalds in my life as I have these past couple of weeks. It was my go to meal for quick, easy, and cheap.
Our first taxi cab! Welcome to New York City! Like two little school girls.
The view from our 33rd floor apt in Midtown west.
The apt where we stayed. A bachelor's pad, but very comfortable, convenient, and great price! He was gone to Nashville for the week, so he rented out his apt to us. Found it online.
Is that really lettuce or cabbage growing on the streets of NYC?
My first appointment was at NYU to meet with some program directors there. So nervous, but both meetings turned out fabulous. I was surprised at how both directors were encouraging, open, gracious, and a lot of fun to talk with. I got a good feel for the programs and how I would fit there...for future reference. :)
My professional attire for my appointments at NYU and trapsing around New York City.
I met up with Maury Jackman and his son Asher for dinner. brother Jackman was in my singles ward bishopric with uncle Alan and I got to be good friends with him and his wife. His wife had a work meeting that she couldnt get out of at the last minute. But it was so good to catch up with Brother Jackman and their miraculous and divine transition from Orem to Manhattan.

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